Usage examples
Uniting VoIP PBXs over varied built-in channel-forming equipment

Объединение VoIP АТС через различное встроенное каналообразующее оборудование

Usage example description

Purpose: setting up VoIP gateways with different functional FXO and FXS modules. From 2 to 32 single-type ports in increments of 2 may be installed simultaneously. Simultaneous operation of the FXO (MR-17V8/SMR-17Vo) and FXS (MR-17V8/SMR-17Vs) modules is possible, the modules possessing the functions of a mini-BPX. Any interfaces of SG-17R (Ethernet, SHDSL, E1) may operate as channel-forming equipment. 

Using in usage example products and product groups
Module MR-17G1, Module MR-17H1, ( SG-17R-1RU-CP1-4ETH/220VAC-W1 base platform, SG-17R-1RU-CP1-4ETH/DC base platform, SG-17R-1RU-CP2-3SFP/220VAC-W1 base platform ), ( Module MR-17V4, Module MR-17V8 ), ( Submodule SMR-17VF, Submodule SMR-17VO, Submodule SMR-17VS )