Usage examples
Establishing branched telephone business network using SHDSL, Ethenet, E1

Создание разветвленной корпоративной телефонной сети с использованием различных соединений: SHDSL, Ethenet, E1

Usage example description

Purpose: setting up VoIP gateways with different functional FXO and FXS modules and further data transfer over different interfaces of the VoIP gateway. Voice channels may be simultaneously transferred over any of the interfaces of the SG-17R device. Not only may Ethernet function as such a channel, but also may SHDSL and E1 (EP). From 2 to 32 single-type VoIP ports in increments of 2 may be installed simultaneously. There is an option of simultaneous operation of FXO (MR-17V8/SMR-17Vo), FXS (MR-17V8/SMR-17Vs) and VF (MR-17V8/SMR-17Vf) channels.

Using in usage example products and product groups
Module MR-17G1, Module MR-17H1, Submodule SMR-17VO, Submodule SMR-17VS, ( SG-17R-1RU-CP1-4ETH/220VAC-W1 base platform, SG-17R-1RU-CP1-4ETH/DC base platform, SG-17R-1RU-CP2-3SFP/220VAC-W1 base platform ), ( Module MR-17V4, Module MR-17V8 )